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For 25 years, kids of all ages have been thrilled and motivated by participating in our unique programs.  Now you can share that same excitement in your classroom with our specially designed hands-on kits.  Designed by teachers for teachers, these kits use an interdisciplinary approach to your study of rocks and minerals and fossils.

Our kits provide exciting, hands-on, simulated classroom safaris for all ages.  Teachers, libraries, camps and scouts have been using our earth science program kits to bring the excitement and knowledge of a genuine mineral or fossil excavation to their students.

Using authentic material from gem and mineral mines or fossil excavations, our programs set the stage for students to play the role of geologists or paleontologists carrying out simulations of their work.  After such an experience, they have a much better understanding of these professions, can better identify minerals and fossils, are eager to learn more and have lots of fun doing it!

Since we use these kits in our own programs, we know what works!  We will be happy to help you choose the right kit for your students.  Call or e-mail us today!

Our live programs include seminars on medicinal plants, gemology, paleontology, hikes into the Arizona desert  and teacher workshops in environmental education.

We can design hands-on programs for your needs in environmental and science education,  create and present seminars for your community or private group, or advise your organization in the creation of an education curriculum.

Look over our array of kits, programs and services… then give us a call with any questions you may have.
We would be delighted to hear from you!

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