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Senior Activities
Our programs are specially designed for sharing with your seniors!  For 90 minutes we interact with groups of 10-25 using a “hands-on” format which gets them totally involved.  Choose one or put together a series from our list below, then give us a call to schedule your programs!

Look at our native desert plants from a pharmacological perspective.  Examine, smell and compare the actual specimens.  It is exciting to learn how these plants have been used for generations to heal and promote wellness.  See how easy it is to make a soothing skin ointment.  Our most popular experience!

Gateway Park 115


If you enjoy learning about the medicine plants of the desert, you will be enthralled once again with this expansion into medicine plants of the world.  You will come to realize why garlic is held in such high regard as a healing plant.  Plants from forests to wetlands are examined for their healing possibilities.  See how easy it is to create a truly beneficial herbal tea blend.



Who does not love gemstones!  The lore and mystery behind each of them is fascinating especially when you have the opportunity to compare both the rough and polished stones.  Visit the actual mines where each of these originated through the eyes and experiences of the presenter, then examine actual stones after they are mined.  Determine value based on carats, color and culture!

gem stones


Dinosaurs are not the only fossils we love to discover!   Dig into the past with this fascinating exploration of fossils from around the world.  Get up close and personal with specimens usually seen in museums.  After getting familiar with the specimens, engage in a bit of “discovery” as you search out genuine fossils.  You will be surprised how exciting it can be!


Our programs come to your facility for one and a half hours in the Phoenix and Prescott areas of Arizona.  The experiences work best with groups of 10-25 seated around several tables. Program cost is $105/session. Click to download a printable brochure for the Senior Activities.

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