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The Desert Eye will offer exciting, hands-on experiences for kids ages 8-14 through the summer program at Yavapai College Prescott, AZ campus.  The following offerings are as they are listed in the catalog at
College for Kids at Yavapai College website.

Mining Madness

Students ages 8-12 (Grades 3-6) learn about rocks, minerals and gemstones. Young geologists will experience mining techniques, slurry soils from simulated locations in a search for clues to gemstone formation. On finding the rough gems they will test, appraise and prepare the specimens for display at the end of the week. Parents are thrilled when they visit us at the “gem show” on the last day!

Fossil Safari
Students ages 8-12 (Grades 3-6) explore for dinosaurs and fossils! As part of a team of explorers, they learn about paleontology and excavate fossils from simulated locations around the world. Record your findings and wrap them for transport back to the lab where identification and preparation for curating takes place. Detailed journals are kept, and the final specimens will be displayed in a "fossil museum." Parents and friends are encouraged to visit the “fossil show” on the last day.
fossil3 fossil4 fossil 5 fossil 6
          Find a Fossil Class 6-11  Find a Fossil Class 6-11 Find a Fossil Class 6-11Find a Fossil Class 6-11 Find a Fossil Class 6-11 
Rocket Rally

Students ages 9-14 (Grade 4-6) explore rocket flight while learning about the principles of aerospace engineering using science and math. Teams plan, assemble, prepare and launch model rockets and follow up with debriefing exercises. Behaving like NASA specialists, each student will track, recover, inspect and evaluate the rockets.
Parents and friends have an opportunity to come and watch the “rally” which takes place on the last day!

Rocket 1 Rocket 2 Rocket 3
Rocket Rally Class 6-11    Rocket Rally Class 6-11

Information on how to register for the KIDS COLLEGE classes is available at

College for Kids at Yavapai College
or call 928-717-7607

Detailed information on the class content is available at

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