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Desert Reach

An exciting hands-on classroom experience

designed by the DESERT EYE and
sponsored by the
of the Foothills Community Foundation, Cave Creek, AZ

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Desert Reach is a unique hands-on educational program designed for grade four which brings 6 different aspects of the Sonoran Desert right into the classroom. Through these six stations, students will be able to experience a few of the unique aspects of the Sonoran Desert; the land itself and what lives within it.

After the introduction, the students are assembled into Desert Explorer teams of four or five and will move among the six stations we set up in your classroom.

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As each team explores an "aspect of the desert", they will be involved with observation, data collection and the formation of conclusions, simulating work done by real "scientific explorers". Each "Desert Explorer" will complete a field journal as observations are made in this unique exploration.
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The program is designed not only to make them aware of the unique nature of this priceless treasure as a habitat for wildlife, but the importance of this system as an intricate strand in the web of ecosystems on this planet. It is here today, but its very existence is threatened!

After this unique opportunity to explore and better understand the desert, perhaps your class will be the one which will make a difference in the future!

It is recommended that you arrange your own curriculum units which deal with ecosystems, biomes, habitats and the desert to coincide with this program so that you can maximize the opportunity. The Desert Reach program is only offered during the months of January through April of each school year.

Reservations are required and a donation of $100 is requested to help with the mission of the Desert Awareness Committee (see brochure). The donation usually comes from the PTO or the new tax credit funds.

The program has been developed by DESERT EYE and is sponsored and presented by trained docents of the Desert Awareness Committee. It correlates to both national and state science and environmental standards. For more information please download a brochure, call or

e-mail us. We will be happy to talk with you about possibilities of a visit to your school.

To download our brochure click here!

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We care about the future of our desert ecosystem!

Thank You

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